Procurement of public transport - buses

01.06.2018 00:00



Baku Transport Agency announces an open tender for the purchase of public transport - buses:


Lot 1 - 300 public transport vehicles - buses


The tender participants are invited to submit their tender proposals in writing with a seal and a signature in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Public Procurement".

Tender participants must have the necessary technical and financial capabilities to fulfill the terms of the contract.

Those wishing to participate in the tender, after transferring the necessary participation fee to the specified account, will be able to obtain the list of basic conditions compiled in the Azerbaijani language at Baku, Ziya Bunyadova 111 (Contact: Makhmudov Tural, telephone: 404-41-20 ( internal 2185)).


Participation Fee:


Lot 1 – 2500 azn


Bank Name: State Treasury Agency

Code: 210005

TIN: 1401555071

Correspondent account: AZ41NABZ01360100000000003944


Baku Transport Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic

Account № AZ88CTRE00000000000008147701

TIN: 1503112971

Budget classification code: 142340

Budget level code: 7


Participation fee is non-refundable.


Applicants must submit the following documents for participation in the tender:

  • Written application for participation in the tender;
  • A document from the bank about payment of the contribution for participation;
  • Tender proposal (must be valid at least 30 banking days after the date of opening the envelope);
  • Bank guarantee in the amount of 1% of the tender proposal price (must be valid within 60 banking days after the opening date of the envelope);
  • Certificate from the relevant tax authority on the absence of overdue obligations on taxes and other mandatory payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Extract from the bank about the financial position of the applicant for the last year;
  • Full name of the applicant, legal status, country of registration of the charter and requisites;
  • Certificates of origin and conformity of the goods of applicants.

 The documents must be made in Azerbaijani in two copies (original and copy) (tender proposals in a foreign language must be translated into the Azerbaijani language).

The tender procedure will be conducted in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement.

To participate in the tender, the applicants must submit the above documents (excluding the tender offer, bank guarantee) until 12:00, 13.07.2018, tender offer and bank guarantee in a sealed double envelope until 12:00, 20.07.2018 at the Baku Transport Agency, located at the address: Baku, 111 Ziya Bunyadov street.

          Envelopes submitted later than indicated will be returned unopened.

          Envelopes of the applicants will be opened at 12:00, 23.07.2018, at the Baku Transport Agency, located at: Baku, 111 Ziya Bunyadov street.

          Authorized representatives of applicants may attend.


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