22.08.2019 13:05

Innovation in Road Infrastructure on Mohammed Hadi Street

On behalf of the head of state, the Baku Transport Agency made a number of changes to the road infrastructure on Mohammed Hadi Street in order to increase traffic safety and ensure free movement of cars in emergency

14.08.2019 12:15

Actions were taken on roads in rainy weather

In rainy weather, the Baku Transport Agency took appropriate measures to timely prevent traffic jams. In the early morning hours, control over bus stops on the streets and avenues, where there is a significant traffic flow, and which are located next to metro stations such as Ganjlik,

09.08.2019 14:30

New road signs

At intersections in the administrative district of the capital, marking lines, especially pedestrian crossings, are replaced by two-component paint. The goal is to increase traffic safety. With the introduction of new items, it will be possible to ensure safe, unhindered and comfortable

07.08.2019 12:20

06.08.2019 10:45

BTA made proposals on Heydar Aliyev Avenue

The Baku Transport Agency has submitted proposals to the Commission on Road Traffic Safety of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan to improve road safety on Heydar Aliyev

03.08.2019 17:00

BTA has installed a new pavilion for bus stop

Work on improving public transport infrastructure is ongoing in order to provide convenient and safe passenger transportation services to our citizens. New pavilions have been installed in about 100 places since the beginning of this year, taking into account the incoming applications

02.08.2019 12:24

A trip to the ITMC was organized with the participation of volunteers of the transport agents program

The trip to the Intelligent Transport Management Center (ITMC) was organized with the participation of volunteers of the Transport Agents program carried out as part of the Baku Transport Agency's “Road is Life”

01.08.2019 18:20

An express route line was organized for the closing ceremony of the "XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival"

Passenger transportation continues in accordance with the plan of operations of the "XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival". According to the plan, the transportation of spectators who bought tickets for the closing ceremony of the festival will be carried out on 07.27.2019 by two

26.07.2019 15:55

Express-buses will be organized by BTA

Baku Transport Agency continues to support a number of measures aimed at ensuring that international events held in our country within the framework of a social responsibility project are more comfortable and safe, and also to avoid using various means of transport to travel to the

25.07.2019 12:40