BTA continues to create favorable traffic conditions for pedestrian safety

Work is underway to create favorable conditions for the movement of pedestrians in Baku. Within this framework, the location of the various pedestrian crossings in 19 locations has been identified and submitted to the appropriate authorities for approval. It is planned to create pedestrian crossings on Heydar


A new U-turn is organized

As part of the improvement of transport conditions, a new U-turn was organized at the intersection of Khatai Avenue and F. Bayramov Street. Thus, comfortable, unhindered and safe traffic to Ahmed Bey Aghaoglu Street was arranged for vehicles and buses of regular routes N: 11 and 199, traveling from the city


Transport movement on some streets changed

Since 07.08.2018 the movement was changed at the intersection of Shovkat Mammadov Street with Suleiman Sanya Akhundov Street in Binagadi district and at the intersection of Ibrahimpash Dadashov Street and Suleiman Sanya Akhundov Street. According to the changes made on the basis of the proposals of the Baku


Transport conditions are improving on the Sabunchu-Zabrat road

Work continues on the Sabunchu-Zabrat road to improve transport conditions. Within the framework of these works, taking into account citizens' appeals, the schedule of traffic lights along the road was changed. In the course of the changes, the traffic flow on the road was analyzed and, according to the analysis,


The schedule of the regular bus route No. 71 has changed due to the temporary closure of the Bakmil station in connection with the repair

Starting from 08.08.2018, in the schedule of regular bus route No. 71 (“Azadlig Avenue” metro station - “Koroglu” Transport Exchange Center), there have been changes to ensure the use of public transport by metro workers and people living nearby due to temporary repair of the "Bakmil" station. According


BTA completed the implementation of measures that were taken to improve traffic conditions on another road

Baku Transport Agency continues to implement projects aimed at eliminating traffic jams and solving other problems. Work is being done to eliminate the factors that impede movement on the busiest roads of the city. As part of this, work was done to improve the transport conditions near the pedestrian crossing, in


Rates for regular urban, suburban routes and routes between settlements and inside the settlements

Note:  1. Regardless of the distance between the starting and ending stops of suburban routes and routes between settlements, the amount of the fare paid by the passenger in one direction (depending on the


The last bus stops of some routes temporarily changed

The last bus stops of some route lines were temporarily changed to ensure the smooth operation of regular shuttle buses during repair work on the Baku-Sumgait road on the site in front of the Baku International Bus


During the month, 15-16 thousand passengers are transported along the route in the operation of the municipality

Recently organized bus route N: 152 connects the Zira and Mardakan settlements. The main feature of the route line is that, given the numerous applications of residents of the Zira settlement and the municipality to the Baku Transport Agency, this route is the first regular route in operation of the legal entity


Buses on routes 7A and 7B began to function

Regular bus routes 7A (Baku International Bus Station - "Ahmedli" metro station) and 7B (Yeni Yasamal settlement M.Hiyabani St. - "Ahmedli" metro station) began to function. Passenger transportation along routes 7A and 7B is carried out by modern and comfortable buses belonging to BakuBus LLC. Payment for travel