Starting from 12.01.2020, bus fares on route 38 will be paid using BakuKart

10.01.2020 13:00

The integration of regular buses into the BakuKart system continues. As part of this, starting from 12.01.2020, bus fare on route 38 will be paid using BakuKart.

Announcements were made on route 38 buses to keep the public informed of the proposed innovations in a timely manner.

We would like to inform you that work is underway to switch to a cashless payment system on other regular routes. In the coming days, other route lines will also be gradually integrated into the cashless payment system. This will be announced in advance.

At the same time, we note that cash-operated buses are gradually being removed from the route lines, and some technical work on installation is underway. The process is carried out taking into account that there are no interruptions in passenger transportation and that the work done does not affect passengers.



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