An online interview is being held for the next admission to the Transport Volunteers program

20.05.2020 16:00

The selection of candidates for participation in the volunteer program announced by the Baku Transport Agency as part of the "Year of Volunteers" has begun. In connection with the current quarantine regime, the selection of candidates is carried out in the form of an online interview. The selection will be from 144 candidates. At the interview stage, personal qualities, knowledge and skills of candidates in various fields are evaluated. The interview focuses on the motivation, knowledge and skills of those who want to volunteer, as well as language skills. The interview phase has already begun, and the results will be announced to the candidates.

It should be noted that in 2019, 60 people took part in the volunteer program. At the Baku Transport Agency 35 people graduated from this program and 8 people were employed.

The purpose of the volunteer program is to support the volunteer movement, which is carried out in accordance with the decree of the President.


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