Innovation in getting the insignia

26.06.2020 19:25

The Baku Transport Agency has developed an online application platform for taxi drivers to receive insignia as part of a taxi regulatory project. The goal is to ensure the comfort of taxi drivers in the administrative territory of Baku, reduce physical contact while maintaining social distance during a pandemic, and provide assistance for entrepreneurial activities in the taxi industry by creating a unified database of taxi drivers.

Creating a unified database of taxi drivers will also allow you to receive accurate and transparent reports on taxi activities, correctly determine the cost-effectiveness of taxi operations and increase investment in the development of this area. At the same time, the electronic issuance of insignia will support the process of increasing online services in our country.

The online application form is available on the website Those who wish to receive the insignia can fill out an application by registering accordingly. Also on the website was prepared a video instruction on the online application.

We would like to remind taxi drivers that the badge is issued only to legal entities and individuals who provide online taxi services. In accordance with the guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus infection in public transport, it is necessary to install a transparent partition in the car. Vehicles without partitions will not be assigned an insignia.

Also, according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 73 dated March 4, 2019, taxis transporting passengers in the administrative territory of Baku must comply with the established standards and norms.

The online taxi labeling platform will be integrated into other databases, including the ASAN database, to create a single database in this area.


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