We call on the movement participants to show more social responsibility from a civil point of view

03.11.2020 16:50

The recent sharp rise in the dynamics of coronavirus infection is a matter of serious concern to each of us. It is undesirable to change the epidemiological situation like that when our glorious Army is valiantly fighting the enemy at the front. At a time when the attention of medical workers is focused on the front, it is unacceptable to detach them from this important mission. The fight against coronavirus is of great strategic importance in terms of protecting the health of both the population and our soldiers and officers.

For this, citizens should not remain indifferent to coronavirus infection, but show more social responsibility. Protective medical masks should be worn in crowded places, including bus stops and buses. In this case, it is very important to pay attention to the rules for the correct use of the mask.

Unfortunately, the number of cases of non-use or misuse of medical masks among passengers has increased recently.

Passengers are asked to understand the mask requirements of drivers and dispatchers and to follow the rules. Otherwise, the epidemiological situation may worsen, as a result of which additional restrictions on travel in public transport are not excluded.

We also declare that it is important to prevent the spread of infection at a time when passengers are only transported by bus. In addition, the lack of lanes increases traffic flow after 18:00, which leads to buses getting stuck in traffic jams. Although 15% more buses are used on daily routes than usual, congestion creates additional difficulties.

Although we have taken appropriate measures to reduce congestion and get passengers home on time, misconduct by some drivers is making matters more difficult. Thus, in many cases, drivers do not comply with the requirements for lane markings, yellow crossings, and the use of faulty vehicles increases the number of congestion and traffic jams.

In connection with the above, we once again call on the movement participants to demonstrate greater social responsibility from a civil point of view. We, as a society, must abide by the rules of a special quarantine regime, wear masks and not give the enemy a chance on both fronts.


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