A meeting of the Public Council at the Baku Transport Agency was held

17.07.2021 17:18

A meeting of the Public Council at the Baku Transport Agency was held. At the meeting, organized in the format of video conferencing, the Public Council's action plan for 2021-2022 and current issues were discussed.

Chairman of the Council Alimamed Nuriyev presented a draft Action Plan. The action plan, which consists of 4 parts, includes the organization of information, monitoring and evaluation activities in the areas of activity of the Baku Transport Agency, the necessary changes in the rules, public hearings on relevant topics and other organizational and technical issues. Overall, the implementation of the action plan aims to strengthen public scrutiny and public participation in the areas of road infrastructure, pedestrian access and city safety. Council members approved the action plan.

 The members of the Public Council also discussed the road infrastructure, the work done in the direction of the pedestrian orientation of the city and the shortcomings. Council members Sahib Mammadov, Davud Rahimov, Elmaddin Muradli, Farhad Eyyubov and others made proposals in various fields. In particular, they exchanged views on the work of traffic lights, the congestion of city roads, the number of parking spaces, the imposition of fines for violation of parking rules and other topics.

They also noted the need to form an independent expert group on the Agency's activities. It is proposed to conduct monitoring in these territories.


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