The operation of the regular route No. 190 is being restored

09.09.2021 18:10

In order to further improve services for the transportation of passengers in the village of Bina, the operation of the regular route No. 190 within the village is being restored. Buses on the route connecting the center of the Bina village with the Sovkhoz microdistrict will serve passengers from 09/10/2021. The fare on the route will be 0.30 manats. Payment for travel will be made in a non-cash form through BakuCard.

   The terminals have been installed in 11 shops of the OBA supermarket chain on Ali Isazade Street so that passengers can easily top up their BakuCard balance. In addition, these terminals will be available at OBA stores at locations called Bina Dairy State Farm and Mehriban Gonshular Street.


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