Yellow box junction arranged on another crossroad of the capital city

10.04.2019 09:32

A pilot project was launched to improve the traffic at 74 intersections, covering mostly the central part of the capital city. At the initial stage, the works will be carried out at 20 intersections on M. Fizuli, Sh. Badalbayli, M. Aliyev, R. Behbudov, S. Vurgun, D. Aliyev, S. Ragimov streets and Bulbul Avenue. Within the framework of the project, new road signs will be installed in the specified places and existing flaws will be eliminated. In addition, traffic signs will be updated, parking places will be revised and driving directions will be improved. A yellow box junction will be arranged where necessary.

In accordance with the project, the yellow box junction was organized at the intersection of M. Fizuli and S. Vurgun streets. Similar road marking works are also being carried out at other intersections.

By initial estimates, the implementation of the project at 74 intersections will lead to a significant improvement in transport conditions on the central streets and avenues of the capital city. The capacity of the streets will increase, traffic will be intensified, and this, in turn, will reduce the time spent by traffic participants, in particular, by public transport passengers, in traffic jams.

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