Itineraries of two bus routes changed

18.04.2019 16:38

On April 18, 2019, at 00.00, the movement of vehicles at the intersection of Mirza Alakpera Sabir and Abdulla Mirzaev streets in Keshlya settlement of the Nizami district will be closed completely due to the construction of a multi-level road junction (tunnel) at the railway crossing. For this reason, changes were made to the movement pattern of buses of regular route lines No. 38 and 15, passing through the specified territory. According to the changes, the last bus stop of the regular route line No. 38 was moved to Mirzaev street, and the buses of regular route line No. 15 will move according to a certain pattern with a reverse turn at the intersection of Mirza Alakpar Sabir and Pushkin streets.

The changes will be valid until the restriction is completely lifted.


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