BTA represented in Global Public Transport Summit

18.06.2019 11:49

On 09-12 June, the Swedish city of Stockholm hosted the Global Public Transport Summit with the organizational support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). As part of an event with the participation of international companies operating in the field of transport, transport regulatory authorities of various countries, as well as major suppliers, discussion panels and meetings were organized. For the first time, the main transport regulatory body of the capital city - the Baku Transport Agency, took part in the summit. The delegation of the Baku Transport Agency (BTA) under the leadership of the chairman of the board Vusal Karimli held a number of business meetings at the summit. At the Eurasian panel, a presentation was held on the topic "Public transport in Baku and plans for the future." During the presentation, the successful experience of the Baku Transport Agency in the development of the public transport system of the capital city and organization of international events was noted. The presentation aroused great interest among the participants.

Chairman of the Board of the Baku Transport Agency Vusal Karimli met with the Secretary General of the International Union of Public Transport Mohamed Mezghani. Karimli thanked Mr. Mezghani for the invitation to attend this authoritative international event. The importance of joining the Baku Transport Agency to the UITP, uniting structures engaged in transport in more than 200 cities of the world, was noted. It was also emphasized with satisfaction that the Baku Transport Agency supported the candidacy of Mohamed Mezghani during the election of the Secretary General of the organization on November 23 last year. The publication of an article on the activities of BTA in the development of the Baku road transport system in the next issue of UITP’s World of Public Transport magazine was assessed as an evidence of such cooperation.

During the meeting, participants were informed of the work done since the start of BTA’s activity and the forthcoming new challenges related to the further development of transport infrastructure and urban transport, including the regulation of public transport, route network optimization and the formation of a special transport management model. Particular attention was paid to the fact that currently 300 comfortable and environmentally friendly IVECO buses that run on compressed natural gas are used in passenger transportation, a non-cash payment system is applied, bus stops are renovated, special lanes for buses are arranged, and traffic centers are functioning. The importation into the capital of 300 more new generation BMC buses complying with the Euro 6 planned for the near future, was evaluated as a positive fact. It was noted that starting in 2022, Baku’s public transport network will focus on the use of buses running only on compressed natural gas (LNG) or with an electric engine (Hybrid). In general, the main goal is to provide our citizens with environmentally friendly, high-quality and safe transportation services. It was noted that all shipping companies were set the appropriate instructions. It was also stressed that the work done, in general, ensures the development of a stable and durable transport system in Baku. By reducing the movement of personal vehicles in the city center, efforts were made to turn Baku into a more pedestrian-oriented city.

The meeting also discussed current and future prospects for cooperation between the UITP and BTA, the UITP seminar to be held in Baku by November of this year, the exchange of visits to improve the knowledge and skills of BTA employees, introduction of global trends in public transport, and application of modern methods, introduction of the UITP database and creation of opportunities for research and other issues. Vusal Karimli also met with the executive director of IVECO France, Stephane Espinasse. They exchanged views on the current state of IVECO buses, the expansion of their technical maintenance, as well as the subsequent cooperation between IVECO and BTA.

During the meeting with UITP Director for Membership, Marketing and Services Kaan Yıldızgöz, the sides spoke on the prospects for turning Azerbaijan into a regional center for training organized by the UITP, the role of the Drivers Training Center in Baku and a possible exchange of experience.

Note that the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) was founded on August 17, 1885. Headquartered in Brussels, the organization has 14 regional offices and focal points. The organization has 1,400 members from 96 countries. The promotion of public transport, dissemination of positive experience, liaison between the transport specialists around the world, organization of courses, trainings and seminars in the transport sector, as well as international forums and conferences are the main activities of the association. Bringing together the professionals in the field of public transport, the structure is considered a suitable platform for discussing relevant prospects and development problems, as well as sharing progressive experience.