Itinerary of two route lines changed

20.06.2019 14:53

In order to ensure convenient and uninterrupted use of public transport by citizens, changes have made to the bus itinerary of two regular route lines.

Thus, in order to meet the passenger transportation needs of the residents of a new residential complex, built for displaced persons in the Kurdakhani village, the  itinerary of route no. 185 has been changed. Based on the changes, residents of the complex will be able to use the direct regular route line in the direction of Sabunchu district center, Neftchilar metro station and the 8th kilometer market.

In addition, changes were also made to the itinerary of the regular route line No. 194. The change was made in view of the numerous appeals from residents of Dadash Budyadzade Street, Yasamal district. According to the new traffic pattern, buses of the regular route line No. 194 will move along Dadas Bunyadzade Street. Thus, the need for passenger traffic of residents of the specified street will be met. Both changes will be effective from June 22, 2019.