BTA will begin to implement evacuation service

28.06.2019 11:44

The implementation of measures to ensure that vehicle owners comply with the rules for parking and stopping, as well as measures in the field of traffic management continues.

Daily administrative fines are imposed on drivers who violate the rules of parking and stopping in the administrative territory of the capital. The process is carried out by employees who have tablets with special software, as well as cameras of an intelligent control system for illegal parking.

In addition to administrative measures, measures are being taken to increase the awareness of drivers to ensure that they comply with the traffic rules, including the rules of stopping and parking.

Thanks to the measures taken, the traffic on some central streets and avenues has significantly improved, and the traffic capacity has increased.

Given the importance of informing citizens in advance, we inform that in the near future the evacuation of vehicles will be initiated by the Agency in cases and in the manner established by the Agency for transport, which violates the rules of stopping and parking.

Initially, evacuation work will be carried out in areas where traffic is observed during peak hours and off-peak hours of the day due to illegal parking, which citizens complain about. The evacuation process will mainly be applied to vehicles that strongly interfere with other road users and are parked in the second row of roads, intersections, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and sidewalks.

Video recording will be provided for the transparency of the process. The evacuated vehicles will be transported to underground parking lots located near the Government House and between Fizuli and Mirzaga Aliyev streets in the bus depot of the administrative building of the Baku Transport Agency. At all three parking lots, there are terminals for the owners of vehicles to make payments stipulated by law. There will be only cashless payments.

We once again urge all drivers to abide by the stopping rules and to show understanding to each other. Only with mutual understanding, traffic on city roads will be more comfortable, smooth and safe.