Buses operating on regular route No. 46 renewed

06.07.2019 16:09

Work continues on the modernization of the public transport system of the capital city. Owing to the system of correct and transparent work established by the Baku Transport Agency, the carriers have imported and put into operation nearly 200 modern buses. Taking advantage of the opportunities created for entrepreneurs in the field of passenger transportation, Vətən.AZ-Trans LLC also introduced new passenger buses. Buses that meet the requirements approved by the decision №73 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated March 4, 2019, will be commissioned on the regular route No. 46 from 07.07.2019. In the coming months, the fare on line 46 will be cashless and paid through BakıKart. The work in this direction is currently underway. Buses brand Isuzu Citibus, along with being compliant with Euro-5 standards, can help improve the quality of services provided to passengers. The new buses provide amenities for people with disabilities, as well as people with baby strollers. To do this, a new mechanism is installed in the new buses. Note that as part of the work to renew the bus fleet, in accordance with the relevant presidential decree, 300 vehicles will be delivered to the capital city. The first batch of buses is planned to be delivered in August. 20 of them will be 18 meters long.