BTA will carry out transport operations of the “15th Summer European Youth Olympic Festival”

18.07.2019 12:00

The Baku Transport Agency will carry out transport operations of the “15th Summer European Youth Olympic Festival”, based on the successful experience of organizing prestigious sports games and other ceremonies in Baku. The goal is to make transport operations more convenient and safe, to minimize the use of personal transport when traveling to event venues. Preventing the adverse effects of planned transport activities on the rhythm of people's daily lives is one of the main goals.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Baku Transport Agency carried out a number of works in connection with the “XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival”, which will be held in Baku on July 21-27, and the implementation of certain measures will be continued in the coming days.

During the opening ceremony (07/21/2019) and the closing ceremony (07/27/2019), passengers will be transported on two express routes.

During the opening ceremony, it is planned to transport 11,500 passengers on such express routes as the Village of Athletes, Boulevard Hotel, Heydar Aliyev Arena, Ganjali Plaza and X1, X2. During the opening and closing ceremonies, public transport will be open until 01:00 at night.

a) buses on route X1 (“May 28th” m / s - Baku Crystal Hall)

b) buses on route X2 (Elmlyar Akademiyasi m / s - Baku Crystal Hall)

The festival will be held in 12 competition venues and 7 non-competitive venues. More than 100 Agency employees will be involved in transport operations carried out by the Baku Transport Agency. From 11.07.2019 test trips to the sites were organized to familiarize drivers with driving patterns.

During the festival, the bus routes passing near the festival venues will be temporarily changed.

Thus, in connection with the closure of Ibragimpasa Dadashov Street on July 19-27, 2019, the route scheme 6, 88, 88A and 202 will be changed.

On July 18 and 28, in connection with the closure of Khalil Reza Uluturk Street, changes will be made to the routes number 15, 60, 62, 70, H1.

Changes will be made to routes number 5, 6, 53, 88, 120, 125 and 205 due to time constraints in some sections of Salyan, M. Useinov, Niyazi and Neftchi Gurbanov streets.

136 Neoplan buses and 38 mini-buses (Mercedes Sprinter) were used to transport guests and athletes. Proper bus inspection was provided.

435 drivers took part in the trainings. The process will be implemented in one place so that guests and participants of the competition can use convenient and safe transport services. For this purpose, the reconstructed transport-exchange center "Koroglu" will soon be available for EVENTOC. The mentioned transportation will be carried out in accordance with the transport plan prepared by the Agency.

Buses and drivers are grouped. Drivers were trained on the routes of the competition.

The yellow lanes were marked on some streets and avenues of the capital in accordance with the routes defined for the comfortable and safe movement of buses during the transportation of passengers to the festival sites.

The bus depot of the Baku Transport Agency was provided to EVENTOC for transport operations, and appropriate conditions were created for the staff of the Event Management Committee (EVENTOC) in the depot area.