Passenger transportation continues in connection with the festival

20.07.2019 18:35

Transportation continues in accordance with the plan of transport operations of the "XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival".

According to the plan, the transportation of spectators who bought a ticket for the opening ceremony of the festival will be carried out on 21.07.2019 on two express routes.

a) X1 bus route (May 28 m / s - Baku Crystal Hall)

b) X2 bus route (Elmlyar Akademiyasi m / s - Baku Crystal Hall)

Buses on route X1 will move from the garden of Samad Vurgun of Dilara Aliyeva Street, and buses on route X2 from Hussein Javid Avenue at the bus stop near Elmlyar Akademiyasi metro station. Transportation on express routes will begin at 17:30 and will last until the beginning of the ceremony (until 20:00).

After completion of the ceremony, transportation from Baku Crystal Hall will be carried out in the opposite direction. In connection with the ceremony public transport will be open until 01:00.