A meeting with representatives of the International Transport Forum was held at the headquarters of the Baku Transport Agency

20.11.2019 17:00

The meeting was attended by representatives of the International Transport Forum and the Wuppertal Institute of Environment and Energy, who arrived in our capital as part of the project "Decarbonization of Transport in Developing Countries." The measures taken by the Baku Transport Agency to decarbonize transport in Baku, the creation and development of infrastructure for pedestrians and vehicles, the short-term and long-term strategic goals of the Agency, the consequences and future plans for the introduction of cashless payment systems in public transport were discussed.

In turn, the guests said they would submit to the agency staff a project document “Decarbonization of Transport in Developing Countries”.


The Baku Transport Agency was represented at the official opening of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies to inform the relevant parties about the purpose of the “Decarbonization of Transport in Azerbaijan” project and its planned activities. An interesting presentation on the work done and planned by the Agency was presented to the participants.


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