The “pocket” at the existing bus stop on Hanifa Aleskerova Street was eliminated, and the sidewalk was provided

27.11.2019 16:00

The Baku Transport Agency has made another change to ensure the comfort and safety of pedestrians. Thus, the “pocket” at the existing bus stop on Hanifa Aleskerova Street (at the intersection with Mardanov Brothers Street) was eliminated, and a sidewalk was built for pedestrians. Before the changes occurred, there were the following problems at this bus stop:

  • Since the bus stop occupied a place on the sidewalk, pedestrians were forced to go out onto the roadway, which was a real threat to their life;
  • Buses could not get into the "pocket" due to non-compliance with standards during construction;
  • Passengers did not have enough space to stay before bus stop.

After changes:

  • Passengers spend less time to board and get off the bus;
  • Pedestrians are more comfortable and safer to walk on the sidewalk;
  • Passengers wait for buses in a safe place;

In addition, tactile floors are also provided for visually impaired people on the sidewalk.

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