BTA Volunteers Visit “II Volunteer Solidarity Forum”

06.12.2019 11:00

The Second Solidarity Forum of Azerbaijani Volunteers was held on December 5 as part of the "Volunteer Week of Azerbaijan" with the participation of about 3,000 young people. The forum was organized by the State Agency for Citizen Service and Social Innovation and the Youth Fund. The forum also included an exhibition of all social movements and youth organizations operating in the country.

Volunteers of the Baku Transport Agency "Transport Agents" actively participated in the program. First, volunteers visited the Alley of Honor and the Alley of Martyrs, and then took part in the exhibition organized as part of the forum. Approaching the stand, people received information about volunteer events organized by the Agency, they were given training materials and gifts. Then our volunteers took part in the forum. At the award ceremony, the volunteers of the Baku Transport Agency were also awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.

The forum was followed by performances by volunteers in the TEDx format, as well as musical performances by talented young people who achieved success at international competitions. In the end, guests and representatives of public organizations were photographed together.

It should be noted that 60 volunteers took part in the Transport Agents Volunteer Program, and 35 volunteers who successfully completed the program were awarded the certificate of the Baku Transport Agency. Seven of the volunteers who successfully completed the program were hired by the Baku Transport Agency. In addition, 24 volunteers work in the newly opened Keroglu Transport Exchange Center during peak hours.

Thanks to the great attention, care and active support of the President of Azerbaijan in this area, volunteering today has reached a high level of development and created new opportunities for youth. Thousands of people receive information every day as a result of volunteer efforts.

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