There were traffic problems in some streets and avenues

Due to rainy weather, there were traffic problems in some streets and avenues. For this reason, there is a traffic density at the intersection of Zia Bunyadov Avenue and Ahmed Rajabli Street, Ahmed Rajabli Street, from the intersection of Bakikhanov Street with Samed Vurgun Street to the intersection with Rashid

23.09.2018 11:08

The traffic scheme of some buses will be temporarily changed

Baku Transport Agency informs the passengers that the traffic schemes of regular buses N: 30 and 49 will be temporarily changed to ensure the convenience of the passengers using public transport due to the temporary closure of “Khatai” metro station. From the day the station is closed to the completion of

19.09.2018 10:47

The movement is partially restricted in some streets

The movement at the intersection of Nariman Narimanov Avenue and Mirzaaga Aliyev Street has been partially limited due to the renovation of communication lines and the construction of an underground pedestrian crossing in the framework of the reconstruction of the territory called "Sovetskiy" of the Yasamal

18.09.2018 19:47

Thank you for parking in the right places!

The Baku Transport Agency conducted another awareness-raising activity. As part of the campaign, the drivers, who violated the parking rules near schools in the central part of the city were given brochures and awareness-raising conversations were held about the need to observe the stopping

17.09.2018 17:30

Improvement of the safety of pedestrians continues

Currently, improvement of the safety of pedestrians on urban roads is being continued. Based on the appeals of citizens, as a result of the analysis of our experts, new pedestrian crossings were created in certain places and pedestrian crossings in the non-operating state were updated. In connection with the

17.09.2018 10:05

The “First” social project in Baku Transport Agency

On September 15, the Baku Transport Agency conducted a social action on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge. As part of the campaign, the pupils going to the first class were provided with the necessary school supplies, brochures about ethical behavior in public transport, and other training

15.09.2018 15:30

On september 15 the traffic scheme of some bus routes will be temporarily changed

On September 15, because of the military parade on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of  the liberation of  Baku from the Dashnak-Bolshevik forces, the traffic scheme of buses passing through Neftchilar avenue - the Azneft circle and adjacent streets will be temporarily changed. On September 15 in the

13.09.2018 18:40

Together we can solve the transport problem of our city!

The work is continuing to enlighten drivers parking in prohibited places and violating the stopping rules. As part of this, a flash mob was prepared. In the flash mob with the participation of employees of the Baku Transport Agency, slogans showing the importance of compliance with the stopping rules were

13.09.2018 10:00

Regular buses 7B are moved according to the new scheme

There was a change in the scheme for 7B bus routes. According to the changes, buses on this route will ride from New Yasamal Park to the "Koroglu" Transport Exchange Center. Currently, buses on 7B route  are moving in test mode according to a new

11.09.2018 09:17

Tender for bus routes N: 1, 2, 18, 61, 147 and 217 announced

Tender for bus routes N: 1, 2, 18, 61, 147 and 217 was announced. Based on the applications received from citizens, the above-mentioned regular bus routes were analyzed, and a number of shortcomings were identified. Taking this into consideration, it was decided to announce a tender for these bus routes. The goal

10.09.2018 09:57


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