Traffic jams and traffic density on Nobel Avenue will be eliminated

The project was launched to reduce road load, traffic jams and traffic density in the area called “Nargile Circle” on Nobel Avenue. Currently, the lack of alternatives and coordination opportunities leads to traffic jams in the specified area of ​​the “Nargile Circle”,

07.02.2019 14:40

05.02.2019 09:35

Changes have been made to the corresponding traffic signs

The capacity and intensity of the movement of vehicles are analyzed on central streets with the help of video surveillance cameras. As a result of the work of surveillance cameras, artificial factors that increase the density of traffic and adversely affect the throughput of roads are

01.02.2019 17:06

Video instruction

VIDEO INSTRUCTION for the payment of an administrative fine for violation of the rules of stopping and

30.01.2019 16:22

BTA employees were awarded certificates

In accordance with the instructions specified in the Charter of the Baku Transport Agency, the duties are performed at a high level by a team of qualified personnel. Improving the professionalism of the team consisting of 85% of young employees is one of the priorities of the Baku Transport Agency. For this,

23.01.2019 15:45

BTA employees visit Martyrs’ Alley

On January 20, on the day of National Mourning, the employees of the Baku Transport Agency visited the Martyrs’ Alley and honoring the memory of our martyrs put flowers on their

20.01.2019 20:00

A memorial ceremony dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the “January 20” tragedy took place in BTA

The 29th memorial ceremony dedicated to the “January 20” tragedy was held at the Baku Transport Agency. The event was marked by the memory of the heroes of the Motherland, who sacrificed their lives for the freedom, independence and territorial integrity of our country. A film was shown about the events of

18.01.2019 16:54

Baku Transport Agency announces competition for hiring drivers with category "DE"

The Baku Transport Agency announces a competition for employing drivers of the “DE” category, who will serve passengers on new 18-meter buses, which will be delivered to our city as part of the necessary measures to improve public transport in

18.01.2019 15:17

The process of transporting to auto impound the cars that violated the rules of parking and stopping will start

In the near future, the process of transporting to the auto impound vehicles that violated the rules of parking and stopping in the administrative territory of Baku will be initiated in the manner prescribed by the Code of Administrative Offenses. Taking this into account, we urge drivers to follow the parking

18.01.2019 12:23

On these streets the places of bus stop shelters are changed

Work on changing the places of bus stop shelters installed at road junctions or areas close to road junctions is continuing. As part of these works, the bus stop shelters located at the intersection of  M. Gardashlari and A. Bakikhanov streets was installed slightly behind. As a result, the traffic density on

15.01.2019 10:45