‘WE SHARE THE SAME ROAD’ public awareness campaign

The road plays a very important role in our everyday life.  In one form or another, each of us is a participant in the road traffic. We can participate in it as a pedestrian, driver or a passenger. For this reason, negative or positive events occurring on the road play an important role in the life of each of us and have a direct impact on our mood. Failure by drivers or passengers to follow

18.05.2017 00:00

Transport activities held on the day of the Closing Ceremony of the IV Games of Islamic Solidarity

On the day of the closing ceremony of the IV Games of Islamic Solidarity, the transportation of spectators with tickets from the places identified on three express lines (from near the metro stations  “20 Yanvar", "Ganjlik" and "Gara Garayev") to the Baku Olympic Stadium, and back following the completion of the ceremony until 02.00 am was provided by the Baku Transport Agency. A total of

“Lokbatan” Transport Exchange Centre (Hub)

Baku Transport Agency successfully implemented another project in the framework of “Hubs Concept” jointly prepared by local and international experts. New hub has been created around “Lokbatan” roundabout. The purpose of Hub creation is to form high quality, efficient and safe transport system model at the south gate of the capital. For convenience of passengers 5 bus

"20 Yanvar" Project

One more project of Baku Transport Agency aimed at continuous and safe movement of vehicles is underway - implementation of proposals on elimination of traffic congestion regularly observed at the “20 January” roundabout. While preparing proposals Baku Transport Agency's experts conducted a comprehensive investigation in the area, traffic flow have been thoroughly analysed. At initial

“Sovietsky” Project

In Yasamal District of Baku known as “Sovietsky” on the area of 26 hectares landscaping works and construction of road is underway. Here on 23 hectares trees will be planted and on 3 hectares roads will constructed. Expansion of roads from Fuzuli Square to Narimanov Avenue and Tezepir Mosque will be carried out. In this area, capital reconstruction work of 5 streets (6.1 km long)

“Perfect intersection” Pilot Project – Intersection of Samed Vurgun and Abbasgulu Bakixanov Streets

“Perfect intersection” is a model for complete safety of drivers and passengers, in accordance with the legislation on road traffic. "Perfect intersection" include the following elements: 1. Traffic lights for vehicles and

Transport Exchange Centres (HUB)

Creation of HUBs in the public transport system of the capital is an initiative of the Baku Transport Agency. Hubs are put forward as means of optimisation of the capital’s public transport system. The main function of the Hubs created at the entrance points of the city is to collect in these centres buses moving from suburban areas to the city centre. Hub can prevent chaotic traffic


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