Together we can solve the transport problem of our city!

The work is continuing to enlighten drivers parking in prohibited places and violating the stopping rules. As part of this, a flash mob was prepared. In the flash mob with the participation of employees of the Baku Transport Agency, slogans showing the importance of compliance with the stopping rules were

13.09.2018 10:00

Higher Educational Institutions

The Baku Transport Agency has prepared another video material of an informational character. The video presented on the eve of the beginning of the new academic year contains information on the addresses of all higher educational institutions in Baku and regular buses passing through these areas. The purpose of

04.09.2018 15:55

"Ateshgah" temple

How can I visit the "Ateshgah" temple, which annually have 15 000

14.08.2018 00:00

Gala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex

History is the past and the future of every nation. You can have a rest by visiting Gala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

25.07.2018 00:00

ITV - "Center of Attention"

In the “Center of attention” program of the ITV channel, Vusal Kerimli, chairman of the board of directors of the Baku Transport Agency, answered questions about changes and innovations in the transport system of the

19.07.2018 00:00

"Let's make roads unhindered"

Baku Transport Agency continues to inform about the accessibility of the capital's roads for people with disabilities. We present the following video, prepared in this project. The video notes that the measures taken to ensure the accessibility of urban roads for people with disabilities are a manifestation of special care and attention of the state to those in

09.03.2018 00:00
20.02.2018 00:00

Month dedicated to ramps

Public awareness campaigns on the proper use of the ramps established by BTA are continuing for the convenience of using road infrastructure by people with disabilities. As part of this, we present the following

14.02.2018 00:00

Month dedicated to ramps

The Baku Transport Agency launched a broad public awareness campaign within the project, which dedicated to facilitate road infrastructure for the convenience of people with disabilities. The goal is to provide road users with detailed information about the project, which is of great

12.02.2018 00:00
26.01.2018 00:00


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