Rule of 2 seconds

According to Article 50 of the Law on Road Traffic, drivers must determine the distance between the cars themselves. That is, the distance between moving vehicles should be determined depending on the vehicle type, technical condition, speed, road condition and weather conditions. Experts suggest several methods that

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Don’t forget that life is not a film but reality...

The Baku Transport Agency presents a new informative advertising about the traffic security. The advertising is related to The Fast and the Furious demonstrated these days in a number of countries including in Azerbaijan. The advertising shown in the cinema theaters before the film recommends the spectators especially young people not to repeat the dangerous

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21.12.2016 Günün nəbzi (Pulse of the Time) program on AzTV

On December 21, 2016, general director of the Baku Transport Agency Vusal Kerimli was the guest of Günün nəbzi (Pulse of the Time) program of the Azerbaijani State Television. The program dedicated to the first year of BTA’s activity focused on the current state and problems of the transport system of the capital city and projects implemented and planned to

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BTA – 365 days in 365 seconds

Baku Transport Agency – works accomplished in a

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If you want to go to the Airport convenient and affordable, you can use the Express Line bus. To learn more about Express Line buses website available for you. Have a nice

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