Where “BakıKART” can be purchased?

You can purchase and increase (top-up) your balance at “BakıKART” terminals, which are located at Baku metro stations, bus stops and press kiosks.


Can several cards of “Metrokart” be transferred to one “BakıKART” card?
Only one “Metrokart” deposit and balance can be transferred to “BakıKART” at terminals. After transfer, “Metrokart” will be left to cashier.


Where questions about “BakıKART” can be addressed?
If you have any problem with the chip of the card or if the card is damaged, you should bring your card to one of the four card analysis centres, which are located at “20 Yanvar”, “28 May”, “Nariman Narimanov” and “Neftchilar” metro stations. First, the functioning of the card will be checked and if the card does not work, a new card will be presented to the user and the registration number of the old card will be blacklisted. Each user has only one chance to change his/her damaged card to a new one free of charge.  


Where other questions can be addressed?

If you have any further questions on the “BakıKART” and the terminal, “BakıKART” project representatives will help you in answering the question. In addition, you can get information through our hotline (*4343).


Is it possible to pay with one “BakıKART” bus card for two or more persons?

A passenger riding the buses owned by “BakuBus” can pay the fares of several people using “BakıKART”.


What are the advantages of the introduction of the new single card?

The single “BakıKART” system advantages: combines public transport fees; convenience of public transport users; time savings.


What types of the cards can be purchased from terminals and kiosks?

At “BakıKART” terminals, “BakıKART” plastic cards and “Limited use BakıKART” paper cards are available. At kiosks, only “BakıKART” plastic cards are available.


Why passengers should take “BakıKART” plastic cards?

Using “BakıKART” plastic cards it is possible to carry out a cash-free payment in public transport system. There is no time limitation for cards, and any amount can be toped-up to card. At “BakıKART” top-up terminals accept 10, 20 and 50 kopek coins, and 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 manats banknotes. In addition, other payments methods will be available in the future.


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