Meeting of the UITP Executive Committee for the Eurasian Region was held

20.11.2021 12:56

On November 17, a round table on the topic "New challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in the development of urban mobility" and a regular meeting of the Eurasian Branch of the International Public Transport Association (UITP) took place within the framework of the International Transport Week and the Transport Forum, organized by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation in Moscow. The event discussed the impact of the pandemic on public transport in the Eurasian region, the implementation of anti-epidemic measures, the search for suitable solutions and post-COVID priorities for the development of public transport.

 At the round table, the head of the Baku Transport Agency Gulshan Rzayeva spoke about the post-COVID priorities in the development of public transport in Baku. The event was dedicated to the development of sustainable urban mobility and the development of public transport, improvement of the city's pedestrian environment and the development of alternative modes of transport.

 The agency informed about the taken operational measures to ensure accessibility, comfort and safety in public transport during the pandemic, the organization of high-speed lines and bus lanes. It was also noted that, despite the difficulties of the pandemic, public investment in the development of the bus fleet and transport infrastructure continues, which is important to ensure passenger traffic and mobility in any emergency. One of the main priorities of the post-COVID period was the creation of pedestrian zones and cycle paths, the renewal of the bus fleet, the expansion of centralized dispatch services, plans for the future development of urban mobility in general and the restoration of public transport. It was noted that in October this year, the volume of monthly travel for the first time before the pandemic reached 85%, which indicates an increase in the reliability of public transport.

 Other presentations highlighted the experience of different cities in ensuring the sustainability and safety of public transport during a pandemic, integrating public transport, increasing accessibility and reliability, and applying new technologies. It was noted that state support for public transport contributes to the development of mobility not only in this area, but also in the city as a whole and contributes to the improvement of the urban environment.

 The event also featured a video presentation by UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezgani on how to improve the efficiency of public transport during a pandemic, using contactless and new digital controls to prevent infections.

BTA has been a member of UITP since 2018 and has been represented on the Eurasian Executive Committee since 2019.

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