Participants of the 7th summer camp organized by ADA University visited the administrative building of the Agency and the production base of BakuBus LLC

26.07.2022 12:37

Participants of the 7th summer camp, organized by the ADA University, visited the study tour in the BTA administrative building and the production base of BakuBus LLC as part of the "Bus is a friend of schoolchildren!" project of Baku Transport Agency under the leadership of the head of the Executive Power of the city of Baku.

The purpose of the tour is to acquaint schoolchildren with the work carried out in the city's transport system, inform them about current problems in this area and form an interest in using public transport. The study tour began from the administrative building of the Baku Transport Agency. Here the participants were provided with general information about the activities of the Agency. Schoolchildren in the department of regulation of passenger traffic met with the head of the office of the agency Gulshan Rzayeva and the head of the traffic organization department Tarlan Safarov. The opinions and proposals of teenagers on organizing the movement on the streets of Baku were heard. Transport volunteers presented video presentations to schoolchildren on projects implemented in the main areas of the Agency's activities.

As part of the study tour, the participants also visited BakuBus LLC. Here, schoolchildren got acquainted with the working conditions of bus drivers, measures for the repair of buses and control over their operation. The process of tracking and managing buses in the control room and inspecting buses in the repair center aroused the interest of schoolchildren.

After that, the camp participants, who went to the "Driver Training Center", under the guidance of instructors, got acquainted with the administrative building of the Center, training rooms and a bus simulator. After the instructor explained how to use the simulator and with his direct support, the camp participants tested their driving skills on the simulator.


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