A meeting of BTA officials and CSR representatives was held

27.07.2022 14:37

In order to assess the quality of services provided by state bodies (institutions), it is planned to conduct regular electronic satisfaction surveys through official websites and social networks, involve civil society institutions and public councils in this process in the 9th event under the 4th priority area of ​​the Action Plan ( measures in the field of improving public services and management mechanisms) of the National Action Plan to Strengthen the Fight against Corruption for 2022-2026, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 4, 2022. The Center for Social Research is the main executor of the activity specified in clause 4.9 of the Action Plan.

As stated in the "National Action Plan to Strengthen the Fight against Corruption for 2022-2026", "a new model of the social state has been formed in our country, and the main goal of state policy is to achieve high social welfare of people."

Within the framework of these events, a meeting was held with the head of the apparatus of the Baku Transport Agency Gulshan Rzayeva and adviser to the chairman of the board Faig Abbasov, the executive director of the CSR, the head of the relevant working group Sahib Mammadov and the CSR staff.

At the meeting, the coordination between BTA and CSR, the prospects for further cooperation were emphasized. During the discussions, ways of expanding cooperation between institutions were touched upon, including issues of cooperation in the field of studying the indicators of satisfaction of the population with the activities of passenger transportation.

In parallel, further deepening of relations and the National Action Plan were discussed. Answering the questions of the CSR staff, BTA representatives stressed that they would help researchers with the necessary data.


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